The Best Robotics Kit For Beginners

Wrecking your brains thinking of a million and one ways to entertain your kids while staying indoors during the weekend? You are not alone. With the COVID-19 pandemic still posing a risk to young children, it is the safer choice to keep outdoor activities in crowded public areas to a minimum and keep our children occupied with fun activities at home. But how does one keep children busy with stimulating activities for hours?

The solution is fairly simple – with a beginner robotics kit for children.

With schools introducing Educational Robotics to class curriculum to enhance learning and development of important skills, there is no better time to start getting your kids familiarised with robotics. Furthermore, learning how to work with robots or program robotics equipment is incredibly helpful when it comes to learning Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) concepts in future.

Why Introduce Your Kids to Robotics Kits?

First of all, robotics kits such as Botzees are interactive and educational, perfect for beginners and for easing children into new STEAM concepts. On top of that, you can spend some quality time bonding with your child while building the robot from scratch and then learn how to program it together via the Botzee application. 

How to Use The Botzees Robotics Kit

Setting Up

Botzees is a coding robotics kit that is suitable for children above the age of 4. Building the robot itself would be the easiest part of it all since the parts resemble LEGO blocks which your children would be familiar with. Take this opportunity to hone your kid’s creativity as they have free reign over how they would like their robot to look since there is no exact way to fix it. Once you have your Botzees robot put together, you can then download the Botzees application on your mobile phone then connect to the robot via Bluetooth.

Programming It 

Once you have it all set up, let the application teach your child how to program codes for the robot in order to make it move. For a fuss-free experience for parents, the application has included easy and intuitive coding games to teach your children how to program their Botzees.

Whenever they are ready, they can start adding codes or commands to program the robot’s movements or simply use your mobile device as a remote control to move the robot around. Some movements that the Botzees robot can be programmed to make include lighting up, move in various directions, dance and make sounds.

Playing Games

When you and your child are more familiar with how the application works, you can move on to solve puzzles or go on scavenger hunts with your very own robot through augmented reality. The Botzees application allows your child to learn in a rich augmented reality environment in Singapore with great storytelling and engaging games.

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What is Educational Robotics Exactly?

As technology continues to advance rapidly, schools in Singapore are beginning to leverage the benefits of technology to offer more interactive learning experiences in classrooms. One great example of this would be how Singapore schools are incorporating Robotics Education or Educational Robotics into their curriculum for all students.

What is Educational Robotics? It is an interdisciplinary learning environment that is built on the use of robots and their electric components to enhance the learning and development of important skills and competencies in young children or teenagers. Robotics Education usually goes hand in hand with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education courses or programmes,

Why is Robotics Education Important?

By learning STEM subjects through the use of robots, teachers will be able to introduce students to programming and expose them to STEM effectively. In time, students will also be able to appreciate how STEM works together and interact in the world they live in.

Through interactive STEM lessons with robotics in the classroom, students will be able to better express themselves, learn listening skills and relate better to others. As they develop a deeper understanding of STEM subjects, they will also be more equipped to enter the 21st-century workforce with coding skills or other relevant hard skills.

How Are STEM Lessons Conducted with Robotics?

Combining STEM and Robotics Education is a fairly new initiative and has gained traction in Singapore in recent years, but it is, in fact, a form of learning that can be easily applied in schools, even at primary school levels. Robotics and STEM come hand in hand in the form of interactive educational robots that make STEM subjects easier, more engaging and exciting for students since robots look like toys. Educational Partners or facilitators use educational robots to teach basic engineering concepts such as design, building, development and fundamental coding knowledge. 

During Robotics STEM classes, students will work together to solve real-world problems such as transportation issues. They will be able to tap on the resources provided in class to do so.

How Can Students Benefit from Educational Robotics?

By participating in such interactive or hands-on programmes, students will develop an interest in STEM subjects, which can encourage innovation. The process of learning during such classes is faster and more enjoyable compared to learning from textbooks in class. Educational Robotics also teaches students the important value of teamwork, problem-solving and collaboration, much like team sports.

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