Lifesense brings joy and happiness to life through leading innovation in smart healthcare device and experience design. Beginning with a vision to improve the quality of human life, they have led the way in the evolution from standalone healthcare devices to a connected caring world.

Founded in 2002, Lifesense has more than 15 years of experience in caring people’s health. From supporting the birth of the world’s first weight Wi-Fi scale, Lifesense is committed to the connected technologies in digital health. With continuous investment in the research and development, Lifesense has become the leader and pioneer in digital health industry. Our products and services range from smart watches, activity trackers, smart scales, to digital healthcare solutions for corporate wellness, community healthcare and clinics patient management.

Creating a connected caring experience is always in the core of Lifesense.

Lifesense Application

It is one place for you to check your daily heart rate, weight, sleep and exercise data, which provides you a clear picture about your body and exercise status.

Lifesense App could track your heart rate continuously whenever you are asleep or doing exercises. 

Based on your heart rate, your heart rate intervals can be analyzed and divided as “warm up, fat-burning, endurance, and super”. All of these status can give you better fitness guidance

Lifesense automatically records your sleep stats when you wear your lifesense band for bed. Lifesense devices monitor your sleep stage by tracking your heart rate and movements during your sleep. 

Your sleep analysis shows how long you sleep and length of three stages separately: sound sleep, light sleep and awake. In this way it helps you get a better understanding of your sleep quality .

Lifesense App records your change in weight, and tells you whether you are in normal state or over weight. You can also see the proportion of fat, water, bone and muscle in your body.

 Your weight curve will be shown in weight history . From there you can see the ups and downs of your weight through your exercise efforts.