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Botzees are for children ages 4 and up. The construction blocks are designed to suit the
developing fine motor skills of K-3 students. While Botzees will draw the interest of
students who already demonstrate an interest in robotics and information technology, we
designed Botzees and this curriculum to appeal to and engage students with a variety of
interests. The creative and open-ended nature of the project-based lessons will
accommodate various knowledge and skills levels; students with little knowledge of robotics
and coding will learn the basics, while students who may already have a knowledge of
coding will have the opportunity to execute more complicated programs and will be
challenged to operate within design constraints. Botzsees are also especially well suited to a
variety of learning styles including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

  • Botzees, cute programmable bots that YOU build and control using the latest in Augmented Reality.
  • Create, Program and Play with these adorable new bots using internal sensors and motors.
  • Botzees can be programmed to move, drum, dance, make sounds, and light up. Botzees combines construction, coding and creativity to develop learning and imagination.
  • Build your own robots or follow the easy in-app tutorials to build the pre-designed Botzees. 130 uniquely shaped, easy-to-grip blocks featuring rounded edges help inspire
    imagination and deliver limitless creative possibilities.
  • Introduce kids to the exciting world of robotics and coding in a fun and engaging way.
  • Botzees inspires early learners to explore coding concepts like sequencing, looping, and conditional coding through an intuitive and visual programming language.
  • Motors, a sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, and uniquely shaped blocks make Botzees creations move, dance, make sounds, light up, play drums, and so much fun! Use the
    free app to program life into any creation

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