mBot Ranger Add-on Pack – Laser Sword

$70.00 $59.00

* Notice: Laser Sword is an extension kit based on mBot Ranger, please buy mBot Ranger separately.

Go Hero! Pick up your Laser Sword. Let’s fight side by side!

Lightsaber is a decisive weapon in the world of Star Wars. Now just buy an expansion pack, and then you can transform your mBot Ranger into a Laser Sword of your own. You will take great pleasure in DIY through reproducing the lightsaber effects as shown in the film and improving your do-it-yourself ability.



Three characteristics:

  • There are various preset cool light effects – lightsaber, varying-colour change sword, Auroral Sword, Rainbow Sword, Breath-taking Sword, Sound-control lamp, Optical control lamp and many other light effects
  • Support mBlock and Makeblock programming, so that you can define Laser Swords at free will.
  • Support four control modes including gravity sensor, sound control, light control and touch control, thus allowing you to play Laser Sword in endless ways.