mBot Ranger – Transformable STEM Educational Robot Kit (Bluetooth)

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Software: PC – mBlock; iPad/Tablet – Makeblock

Programming: Arduino IDE

Main Control Board: Arduino Mega 2560, 256KB flash memory, 8KB SRAM, 4KB EEPROM

Sensor: 2 x Light sensor, 1 x Sound sensor, 1 x Gyroscope, 1 x Ultrasonic sensor, 1 x Temperature sensor, 1 x line follower

Speaker: 1 x Buzzer

Battery: 6 x AA battery (not included)

Motor: 2 x 400 RPM Encoder Motor

Wireless communication: 2.4GHz wireless serial (2.4G Version)

Dimensions: 200 x 165 x 120mm (7.78 x 6.49 x 4.71inch) Max.

Weight: 1600g (56.44oz)

Part List

2 x Beam0824-112, 2 x 90T Wheel, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Beam0824-48, 2 x 90T Tyre, 2 x RJ25 Cable, 2 x Plate 0324, 2 x Track, 1 x Wrench, 2 x Plate 135°, 4 x Plastic Spacer 4x7x10, 1 x Hex & Cross Screwdriver, 1 x Plate for Battery Holder, 2 x 180 Encoder Motor, 22 x Screw M4x8, 1 x Plate T-type, 8 x Copper Bush 4x8x4mm, 4 x Screw M4x10, 1 x Bracket 3×3, 1 x Bruss Stud M4*30 6, 6 x Screw M4x14, 1 x Bracket U1, 1 x Battery Holder, 4 x Screw M4 x 25, 1 x Universal Wheel, 1 x Me Auriga, 2 x Screw M2.5×12, 4 x 62T Wheel Without Step, 1 x Ultrasonic sensor, 10 x Nut M4, 2 x62T Wheel, 1 x Line Follower Sensor, 2 x Encoder Motor Wire.

* Bluetooth module is included in the pack and plugged in the Me Auriga.


Ranger Instruction Book

Online Courses – Thanks to the cooperation with Scratch teachers, we are developing 16 chapters about learning graphical programming with Ranger. The courses will keep updating online. Check here:

Further Exploration – Makeblock platform contains all kinds of mechanical parts and electronics for further extension. You can find excited projects to inspire yourself at, then get some parts at and get some electronics at


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