We all know that keeping kids entertained while making sure they grow and learn is a tough task. Instead of turning to regular toys or simply playing shows on your phone, why not spice things up with some hands-on augmented reality puzzles? Introducing Botzees: a modern coding robotics kit for kids that will ignite their imagination and enhance their creativity!

Suitable for kids aged 4 and above, Botzees features up to 30 interactive augmented reality puzzles. It brings together construction, coding and creativity as kids solve beginner-friendly AR puzzles. These puzzles are not only interactive and fun, but they also teach foundational coding concepts such as sequencing, looping, and conditional coding. Get your hands on a robotics kit your kids will love at Polaris Singapore today.

Transform Screen Time into Learning Time

These days, it is increasingly common in Singapore for young children to spend more and more time with screens. However, hours of passively staring at screens are not the best idea in the long run. Get their creative juices flowing and turn screen time into a chance to learn and play instead!

By downloading Botzees easy-to-use companion mobile application, kids can see a whole new world that combines your real-life environment with digital elements. The app uses your phone or tablet’s camera to show augmented reality visual cues for a one-of-a-kind puzzle-solving experience for your kids.

Browse Robotics Kits Online at Polaris

There’s way more to Botzees than just the augmented reality puzzles. Kids get to build, design, and code their very own robot, with the option to choose from 6 pre-made designs or come up with one of their own. A cute little droid, a car, a new animal friend — the possibilities are endless!

Ready to bring your kids on a hands-on learning adventure? Buy Botzees right here at Polaris, your trusted source of educational robotics in Singapore! Still not convinced? Discover more about Polaris’ available robotic kits and their benefits here.