About SoftBank SELECTION

SB C & S Co., Ltd launched accessory brand “SoftBank SELECTION” in year 2007. SoftBank SELECTION develop high-quality products that pursue functionality and beauty and sell them nationwide.

SoftBank SELECTION Concept

Function = Beauty

Continue to propose beautiful and functional proposals to transform mobile life.

Function is beauty, and being beautiful is itself functional. 
We think so. 
And I want to pursue these two words equally. What should we offer in 
the mobile accessories market where a huge number of products appear every day?

It is a beautiful product with essential functions born from a soft look at people . 
I think that it is a sense of openness of life born from there. Everything from basic to advanced , to services and corporate behavior, with the concept of “function = beauty”.

What is the world really wanting now? What makes people really happy? We will present a brand that works to people beyond all the existing concepts all over the world.