Coding is a computer-based language that allows coders to write instructions for a computer. These instructions can be anything from how a website looks, to the behaviour or interface of an application. Knowing how to code is an important skill for children of the 21st century. Not only does it teach your children valuable problem-solving skills, but it also harnesses their computational thinking and logic skills.

Coding can be learned at any age through many different methods such as books, coding lessons or online tutorials. Most beginner coding courses that your kids might want to try could include Scratch Jr., Python, and MakeBlock. These languages teach children how to create their own games, animations, websites and more!

Learning coding at a young age will help your child improve their mathematical skills as well as computer science knowledge in general through interaction with technology. Not only does it teach them the basics of programming but also gives them the tools needed for careers in STEAM-related fields like engineering and technology in future. Read on to find out why your children should take up coding now!

1. It Builds Problem-Solving Skills

There are many ways to help your children build problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and allowing them to learn coding is one effective method. When kids learn to code, they will be able to have a deeper understanding of how software engineers or coders make use of mathematical reasoning to solve problems within an application or software. In order to fix problems in a code, students will have to come up with creative but logical solutions. Once their solutions are implemented, they will be able to see it take effect almost immediately on the software or robot that they are working with. By allowing children to see the fruits of their labour almost immediately can further encourage them to take up coding as it has a direct impact upon application.

2. It Develops Resilience

The journey of developing a well-written code is a steep learning curve. As your child works hard to learn how to code, they will be faced with setbacks and challenges before they can have a taste of success. This uphill battle will teach them to understand that failures and making mistakes are part and parcel of life, allowing them to have more confidence in their work and abilities in the long run. As your child grows to become more resilient to making mistakes and the fear of failing, you will find that they will be more likely to think out of the box and experiment with solutions that are outside of their comfort zone.

3. It Provides Them With Important 21st Century Skills

With the rapid development of technology and Artificial Intelligence in the last decade, many job positions that involve menial labour will be phased out by the time your children enter the workforce. By equipping them with 21st-century skills such as coding, they will be able to adapt to the many changes of the workforce that technology will bring in the future due to the digitalisation of businesses. Furthermore, it can also give them an extra edge in their careers since they possess an additional coding skill on top of academic qualifications that most job seekers will have.

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